Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 little Bumble Bee's

Each week we have been doing different colors and themes. Because the boys are 3, I have been doing different preschool things with them. A couple weeks back we made bee hats and lots of stuff related to bee's. They had a ton of fun running around in their bee hats and pretending to be Bee's :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome to the World Brylee

Jason's sister Lindsay just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago today. Brylee Jean Gibson Wilkins was born on August 29th 2009 @ 8:24 pm. She weighed 7lbs 4 oz. She is beautiful and I got to change her diaper when she was less then a day old. Hard to imagine a baby that little. Taylor was 9lbs 9oz and Conner was 7lbs 15oz. She was very focused for being less then a day old when I met her and she would let out little squeals. She is a blessing from God for sure. Congradulations to Lindsay and Bryan on their beautiful baby girl. Welcome to the world baby Brylee- Your aunt Kelly loves you very much!! It's going to be so fun spoiling you!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never forget

8 years later, I still remember that horrible day in which all those lives were lost. People just going about their daily life, when some selfish people took their lives away. To the suvivors of 9/11 And to the familes that were affected by that day. You are in my prayers daily. . To the children who lost their mother's and father's that day. I pray that you will grow stronger everyday and not let the enemeny defeat your spirit. I pray that you find peace through this all.

You are in my thoughts...... I rememeber

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Conner and Taylor's Half Birthdays

So every year I not only celebrate the kid's Birthdays but I do the half birthday's too although I don't get them gifts for their half birthdays... I do something special like make them brownies or take them out for a special treat. This time I decided to take them out for Ice Cream.. although Conner is not a big fan of Ice cream like Taylor is.. ( She gets that from Jason's side I think espically his sister) Conner is like me and loves Cake and Chocolate.. But this time he decided to try some icecream and he actually liked it considering it melted fast and I am not sure how much he really got to He had his first Chocolate dipped Ice cream from Diary Queen and Taylor had her fave m&m blizzards. Happy half Birthdays Taylor and Conner..
Your mom and Dad love you very much!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Between July and now it's been very busy. I also have just been so tired and really not in the blogging mood. I guess you go in spurts were it does hit you and doesn't.
Let's see so much has been going on since I last blogged.. I have a 4th grader now who thinks she knows everything about life, and I have a 3 year old who really wants to be independent like his big sister but gets frustrated by the limits.

School has offically been in school for over a month and I have had to deal with the transition of Jake going to school :( That's right he started Kindergarden. It's hard to believe he is so grown up. The first month kinda of felt a little lost without him but the transition was actually not that bad considering I was not the only missing him. Logan, Conner and Nolan missed him too!! We still get to have him on school breaks so that is a good thing!!

I have started doing preschool stuff with the three, 3 year olds, and they seem to like it although Conner does get bored with it and does not want to focus much. So hopefully this is just a phase and he won't have problems in school later on.

Each week we started working on different things, right now we are working on colors. We did lots of fun things with the colors already. I will share the color yellow in my next post.

Life never seems to have a dull moment here but we are pretty much back to normal after our flood.

I am just waiting for the weather to get cooler so the boys and I can do more outdoor things.
I am sure everyone is waiting for fall. It's my favorite time of the year!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The flood

Life has difficult at our house to say the least. Father's day weekend we were all set to go up to Jason's aunt's 70th surprise birthday party. We had opted not to take Conner with us because he is wild and I was afraid he might get lost in the woods. I had images of me looking for him. Jason had to work on that Saturday and then we were headed out right after he left work. My mom came to stay with Conner at my house because he sleeps better in his own bed. The day started off bad. We got a late start and as I was packing Conner handed me my pill contatiner and I noticed some of them were missing after counting them and putting them back in their right places. ( I never leave my medicine out but put them in my purse the night before so I would remember to take them) Conner never gets in to my purse but he did that time.. I felt like a gulity mommy. He kept insiting that he did take them. So we called posion control. They kept calling my mom to make sure everything was ok, said to watch him and if he is bleeding or gets lots of brusing to take him to the Emergency room. Conner managed to be fine the whole weekend and we didnt have to get him into to see the dr till Monday morning for a blood test. It came back fine! What a relief. Now back to the prescott story, we almost opted not to go because we realized that Jason's trucks gas gague was broke and we could not tell how much gas he had in it so we kept a gas containor with us just in case we ran out of gas. Once we got to prescott, it was nice to be away from the heat and the party was really nice, It was nice to have a break from conner although I was still worrying about him. We slept in a tent and I manage to be frozen the whole night. I guess there even javelin's in the middle of the night right by our tent. EEEK Scary. The next day I woke up and called my mom to see how Conner was, She said he was good and sleep the whole night good. Then she asked me where I was at. I said.. We are in prescott still..Why ? She says well......... Your washing machine overflowedand you have water all through your house. She says, I called people to come dry it up and I also called a plumber in case you have a problem with your hoses. I said.. cancel the plumber since I have a home warrenty and would work on getting one of those when I needed him. We were anxious to get home not knowing what we would walk into.. We walked into, 2 guys, ripping up our linolum and carpet, ripping off our doors and ripping off the baseboards. I did call amica my insurance company and we realized we had to pay a 500 deductable. The guys got started on the work and it was so hard to see my house torn apart like this but.. On the fip side a week before I was just saying how much I hated the carpet we had and how I wanted new carpet and I so badly needed a vacation. I guess God answered both of those prayers lol. The adjuster came in and wrote down what needed to be replaced and the total damage was about 16.000 dollars. I guess the drying people dry force put in too many fans to dry it and they dont usually use this company because they are known for being excessive, Their bill alone for 2 days was 5.000 dollars. I am so glad I have insurance. On the 10th we are getting new carpet and linolum in and the dry wall people just finished their work so maybe it will look like a new house again. The air condtioning did go out on thursday and friday and I will save that for another post.. That is a huge story as well.
As long as we are safe and no one got hurt that is what matters. although I lost a week of work and that was rough but God gave me my vacation even if it was chaotic.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Potty training

About a year ago, I started trying to potty train Conner. He was very quite stubborn to say the least, I tried and tried but he just didnt want any part of it. I left him alone for awhile and then started to show him some potty train viedo's on You Tube. He thought it was exciting to see movies on You tube. I rented movies from the library as well, I even bought him a lift and flap book at Christmas called. Everybody Poops. He thought it was a fun book but still didnt care about going in the potty. I bought him a potty chair that makes noise but he loved using it as a step stool to wash his hands and play in the sink. I also got him all kinds of cool pixar underwear but he refused to wear that. Almost 2 weeks ago, I had to take all the kids to the store to get diapers, I never run out... usually get to 10 and then realize, I need more...... not sure where mybrain was but we only had one for that day. We got to the store and I showed Conner the diaper box and said.. "Look at that baby wearing that diaper" Conner said, That's a baby ? I said yes, you don't need these because you are a big boy!. We got home and right after we got home, he says.. " I wear big boy underwear today! He went all day that day and it's amazing because he does not have many accidents and he even tells me when he has to go., He has even pooped in the potty last week so it's going great. Only use pull ups now for bed time and nap.. I love not having to buy diapers.. It's so exciting lol.. Plus he was at a size 6..It's time for him to be a big boy! He even tells me. Mommy I go potty like Molan( Nolan) a little boy I watch.... Nolan stands up.. Conner most of the time sits down but hey, He is potty trained and that is what matters!!